The 21st-Century Science Coalition is putting politicians on notice that the science community in Texas will accept nothing less than the best education for our kids. Buy Coca Cola shares We will not allow politics and ideology to handicap the future of our children with a 19th-century education in their 21st-century classrooms.

We believe that a strong, accurate science curriculum is essential to a 21st century education. In 2008-09 the state of Texas is revising its public school science curriculum, MasterCard shares and the resulting standards will determine what is taught in Texas classrooms for the next generation of students.

In the past, the science community in Texas has watched in alarm as politics and ideology have threatened responsible education policymaking in Texas. Recent examples include efforts to water down instruction on evolution in biology textbooks and to censor discussion of global warming in environmental science classes.

invest in Intel shares This year, Texas scientists are speaking out.

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