The following list includes scientists at Texas colleges and universities who support the Scientists for a Responsible Curriculum in Texas Public Schools statement. The second list includes names of self-identified industry scientists and graduate students in relevant fields who have signed the statement. These lists are updated on a periodic basis.

Texas Science Faculty Signers              Other Texas Scientist Signers

Texas Science Faculty — 627 signers
1. John Abbott University of Texas - Austin
2. John Abrams University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
3. Tamarah Adair Baylor University
4. Richard Aldrich University of Texas - Austin
5. George Aliaga Tarrant County College
6. Linda Allen Lon Morris College
7. Helge Alsleben Texas Christian University
8. Loren Ammerman Angelo State University
9. Helene Andrews-Polymenis Texas A&M University System Health Science Center
10. Dean Appling University of Texas - Austin
11. Efraim Armendariz University of Texas - Austin
12. Nigel Atkinson University of Texas - Austin
13. Karl Aufderheide Texas A&M University
14. Steven Austad University of Texas Health Science Center
15. Ali Azghani University of Texas - Tyler
16. Christina Baack Tarrant County College
17. Robert Baldridge Baylor University
18. Jason Baldridge University of Texas - Austin
19. Christopher Baldwin Sam Houston State University
20. Warren Ballard Texas Tech University
21. Dana Ballard University of Texas - Austin
22. Jay Banner University of Texas - Austin
23. Allen Bard University of Texas - Austin
24. Daniel Barker University of Texas - Austin
25. Don Batory University of Texas - Austin
26. John Beavers University of Texas - Austin
27. William Beckner University of Texas - Austin
28. Christopher Bell University of Texas - Austin
29. Maria Benavides University of Houston - Downtown
30. Michael Benedik Texas A&M University
31. Daniel Bennett Texas A&M
32. David Ben-Zvi University of Texas - Austin
33. Colleen Berg Texas Tech University
34. Anna Bergstrom Texas Lutheran University
35. C. Berkebile Texas A&M Univeristy (Retired)
36. Gilbert Bernhardt University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
37. Esther Betran University of Texas - Arlington
38. Klaus Bichteler University of Texas - Austin
39. Mandy Biggers Texas Tech University
40. Stuart Birnbaum University of Texas San Antonio
41. Mark Black Texas A&M University
42. David Blackstock University of Texas - Austin
43. Alan Bloebaum Angelo State University, Retired
44. Grady Blount Angelo State University
45. Robert Blystone Trinity University
46. Ray Boehmer Millikin University
47. Daniel Bolnick University of Texas - Austin
48. Deborah Bolnick University of Texas - Austin
49. Rena Bonem Baylor University
50. David Borrok University of Texas - El Paso
51. Walter Borst Texas Tech University
52. Kenneth Bowman Texas A&M University
53. Robert Bradley Texas Tech University
54. Claud Bramblett University of Texas - Austin
55. Daniel Brannan Abilene Christian University
56. Joel Brant McMurry University
57. Paul Braterman University of North Texas
58. William Brinkley Baylor College of Medicine
59. Franklin Bronson University of Texas - Austin
60. James Brooks Southern Methodist University
61. Jack Brown Paris Junior College
62. Michael Brown UT Southwestern Medical Center
63. Stephen Brown Math Science Public School
64. Marcy Brown Marsden University of Dallas
65. Karen Browning University of Texas - Austin
66. Kerry Bruns Southwestern University
67. Mary Bryk Texas A&M University
68. Suzanne Buchele Southwestern University
69. Cynthia Buckley University of Texas - Austin
70. James Bull University of Texas - Austin
71. Doug Burger University of Texas - Austin
72. Romi Burks Southwestern University
73. Danny Burns Coastal Bend College
74. Donald Burt Stephen F. Austin State University
75. Arthur Busbet Texas Christian University
76. Thomas Bush Dallas Baptist University
77. Karl Butzer University of Texas - Austin
78. Pamela Buzas-Stephens Midwestern State University
79. Raul Caetano University of Texas - Austin
80. Luis Caffarelli University of Texas - Austin
81. Lesley Campbell Rice University
82. Jonathan Campbell University of Texas - Arlington
83. David Cannatella University of Texas - Austin
84. Bayani Cardenas University of Texas - Austin
85. William Carlson University of Texas - Austin
86. David Carmichael University of Texas - El Paso
87. James Carr Texas Tech University
88. David Carr University of Texas at Austin
89. Ann Cartwright San Jacinto College
90. Ramon Carver Angelo State University (Retired)
91. Hayden Chasteen Tarrant County College
92. Eugene Chiappetta University of Houston
93. Scott Chirhart Centenary College of Louisiana
94. Yuh Min Chook UT Southwestern Medical Center
95. Suzzette Chopin Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
96. Shawn Christensen University of Texas - Arlington
97. Vincent Cirillo University of Texas - Dallas
98. Lauren Clark University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio
99. Alan Cline University of Texas - Austin
100. Mark Cloos University of Texas at Austin
101. George Cobb Texas Tech University
102. Gopal Coimbatore Texas Tech University
103. Blaine Cole University of Houston
104. David Coleman University of the Incarnate Word
105. Nathan Collie Texas Tech University
106. James Collins Kilgore College
107. Donald Collins Texas A&M University
108. Michael Collyer Stephen F. Austin State University
109. Randy Combs West Texas A&M University
110. Frank Connor University of North Texas (Retired)
111. Jerry Cook Sam Houston State University
112. Kerry Cook University of Texas - Austin
113. Jenny Cooke University of Texas - Austin
114. Tim Cooper University of Houston
115. Robert Corbett Lamar University
116. Murray Coulter Texas Tech University (Retired)
117. Vince Cronin Baylor University
118. Molly Cummings University of Texas - Austin
119. Louis Daily Baylor College of Medicine
120. James Daniel University of Texas - Austin
121. Mark Daniels University of Texas - Austin
122. Patrick Danley Baylor University
123. E. Dasch Sul Ross State University
124. Brigitte Dauwalder University of Houston
125. Anita Davelos Baines The University of Texas - Pan American
126. Teresa Davis Baylor College of Medicine
127. Arturo De Lozanne University of Texas - Austin
128. Darryl de Ruiter Texas A&M University
129. Raelynn Deaton Sam Houston State University
130. Sherrie DeBord University of Texas Marine Science Institute
131. Johann Deisenhofer UT Southwestern Medical Center
132. Nicholas DeLillo Northwest Vista College
133. Jeffery Demuth University of Texas - Arlington
134. Llewellyn Densmore Texas Tech University
135. Alexander Dessler Texas A&M University
136. Andrew Dessler Texas A&M University
137. Timothy Devarenne Texas A&M University
138. Andrew Dewees Sam Houston State University
139. Thomas DeWitt Texas A&M University
140. Andrew Diehl University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio
141. George Diggs Austin College
142. Michael Dini Texas Tech University
143. Michael Disch St. Edward's University
144. Kenneth Dixon Texas Tech University
145. John Dollard University of Texas - Austin
146. Michael Domjan University of Texas - Austin
147. Jacqueline Dove Baylor University
148. Robert Dowler Angelo State University
149. Robert Doyle Baylor University
150. Rebekah Drezek Rice University
151. Andre Droxler Rice University
152. Stuart Dryer University of Houston
153. Richard Duhrkopf Baylor University
154. Robert Dull University of Texas - Austin
155. Amy Dunham Rice University
156. Ken Dunton University of Texas - Austin
157. Arthur Durband Texas Tech University
158. John Durbin University of Texas - Austin
159. Christine Duvauchelle University of Texas - Austin
160. Sandra Dworkin Midway Independent School District
161. Johann Eberhart University of Texas - Austin
162. Cody Edwards University of Texas - Austin
163. Christine Ehlig-Economides Texas A&M University
164. Andrew Ellington University of Texas - Austin
165. John Enwright Austin College
166. Elizabeth Erhart Texas State University
167. Arnold Eskin University of Houston
168. Stefan Estreicher Texas Tech University
169. Neal Evans University of Texas - Austin
170. Cynthia Faulk University of Texas - Austin
171. Zen Faulkes The University of Texas - Pan American
172. John Ferguson University of Texas at Dallas
173. Cedric Feschotte University of Texas - Arlington
174. Janice Fischer University of Texas - Austin
175. David Fithian University of Texas - Austin
176. Sergey Fomel University of Texas - Austin
177. Dean Fontenot Texas Tech University
178. Margaret Forbes Baylor University
179. Daniel Formanowicz University of Texas - Arlington
180. Norma Fowler University of Texas - Austin
181. George Fox University of Houston
182. Maria Franklin University of Texas - Austin
183. Daniel Freed University of Texas - Austin
184. Gary Freeman University of Texas - Austin
185. Caitlin Gabor Texas State University - San Marcos
186. William Galloway University of Texas - Austin
187. Amanda Garcia The University of Texas - Pan American
188. Tom Gardner Trinity University
189. Lynn Gargan Childrens Medical Center of Dallas
190. Joerg Geldmacher Texas A&M University
191. Diggs George Austin College
192. Omar Ghattas University of Texas - Austin
193. John Giardino Texas A&M University
194. Bryan Gibbon Baylor University
195. Ben Gillespie Sam Houston State University
196. Alfred Gilman UT Southwestern Medical Center
197. Celine Godard Texas Tech University
198. James Golden Texas A&M University
199. Steven Goldsmith Austin College
200. Richard Gomer Rice University
201. Robert Gompf University of Texas - Austin
202. Rueben Gonzales University of Texas - Austin
203. Martin Gonzalez Southwestern University
204. Javier Gonzalez-Ramos South Texas College
205. Joel Goodman UT Southwestern Medical Center
206. Richard Gordon Rice University
207. Andrea Gore University of Texas - Austin
208. Kathryn Grande-Allen Rice University
209. Dan Graur University of Houston
210. Janusz Grebowicz University of Houston - Downtown
211. Ira Greenbaum Texas A&M University
212. Benjamin Gregg University of Texas - Austin
213. Kerry Griffis-Kyle Texas Tech University
214. Jeffrey Gross University of Texas - Austin
215. Ethan Grossman Texas A&M University
216. James Grover University of Texas - Arlington
217. Robin Gutell University of Texas - Austin
218. Cathy Guttentag UT Houston Health Science Center
219. Lynn Guziec Southwestern University
220. Frank S. Guziec Jr. Southwestern University
221. Roy Haas Alamo Community College
222. Donovan Haines Sam Houston State University
223. Andrew Hajash Texas A&M University
224. Greg Hale University of Texas - Arlington
225. Michelle Hamilton Texas State University - San Marcos
226. Ursula Hammes University of Texas - Austin
227. Jeffrey Hartgerink Rice University
228. Paul Harvey University of Texas - Austin
229. Arjang Hassibi University of Texas - Austin
230. Christine Hawkes University of Texas - Austin
231. Christopher Hayworth Consortium for Behavioral Neuroscience
232. Frank Healy Trinity University
233. Richard Heineman University of Texas - Austin
234. Geir Helleloid University of Texas - Austin
235. Mark Helper University of Texas - Austin
236. Timothy Henry University of Texas - Arlington
237. Bruce Herbert Texas A&M University
238. David Herrin University of Texas - Austin
239. Thomas Hill Rice University
240. Joseph Hill Sam Houston State University
241. William Hillis Baylor University
242. David Hillis University of Texas - Austin
243. Hans Hofmann University of Texas - Austin
244. Bradley Hoge University of Houston - Downtown
245. Emily Hollister Texas A&M University
246. Peter Holterhoff Texas Tech University
247. Mark Holtz Texas Tech University
248. Susan Holtz Texas Tech University
249. Allan Hook St. Edward's University
250. John Hooker University of Texas - Austin
251. Matthew Hornbach University of Texas - Austin
252. RobertL Horton M-I SWACO
253. James Hu Texas A&M University
254. Joan Hudson Sam Houston State University
255. Lee Hughes University of North Texas
256. Thomas Hughes University of Texas - Austin
257. Jon Huibregtse University of Texas - Austin
258. Laura Hunt University of Texas - Arlington
259. Amanda Husak Cameron University
260. Michael Huston Texas State University - San Marcos
261. Vishy Iyer University of Texas - Austin
262. Charles Jackson University of Texas - Austin
263. Bonnie Jacobs Southern Methodist University
264. Louis Jacobs Southern Methodist University
265. John Jagger Retired, UT-Dallas
266. Robert Jansen University of Texas - Austin
267. Robert Janusz University of Texas - San Antonio
268. Kenneth Johnson University of Texas - Austin
269. Jeff Johnson University of North Texas
270. Robert Jonas Texas Lutheran University
271. Richard Jones Southern Methodist University
272. Theresa Jones University of Texas - Austin
273. Thomas Juenger University of Texas - Austin
274. Helen Just St. Edward's University
275. Klaus Kalthoff University of Texas - Austin
276. Matt Kaufmann University of Texas - Austin
277. Kathryn Kavanagh University of Texas - Austin
278. Brad Keele Baylor University
279. Tim Keitt University of Texas - Austin
280. Marisa Kellam Texas A&M University
281. Katherine Kelly Texas A&M University
282. Curtis Kelly Alcon Laboratories
283. Richard Ketcham University of Texas - Austin
284. Alexei Khalizov Texas A&M University
285. Don Killebrew University of Texas - Tyler
286. Thomas Killian Rice University
287. Patrick Killion University of Texas - Austin
288. Ryan King Baylor University
289. Tigga Kingston Texas Tech University
290. James Kinsey Rice University (Retired)
291. Mark Kirkpatrick University of Texas - Austin
292. G. Kitto University of Texas - Austin
293. John Knaff NOAA/NESDIS
294. Peter Knightes Central Texas College
295. Dan Knopf University of Texas - Austin
296. Hans Koch University of Texas - Austin
297. Hans Kohn Rice University
298. Gae Kovalick University of Texas of the Permian Basin
299. Matthew Kwiatkowski Stephen F. Austin State University
300. J. Richard Kyle University of Texas - Austin
301. Travis LaDuc University of Texas - Austin
302. Lance Lambert University of Texas - San Antonio
303. David Lamp Texas Tech University
304. Steven Lanoux University of Texas Marine Science Institute
305. Patrick Larkin Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
306. Julie Le St. Edwards University
307. J. Leigh Leasure University of Houston
308. Thomas Lee Abilene Christian University
309. Mark Lehrman UT Southwestern Medical Center
310. Mathew Leibold University of Texas - Austin
311. Arne Lekven Texas A&M University
312. Alan Levander Rice University
313. Donald Levin University of Texas - Austin
314. Rebecca Lewis University of Texas - Austin
315. Kerrie Lewis University of Texas - Austin
316. Patrick Lewis Sam Houston State University
317. Ben Liles Retired
318. Sang-Hyun Lim University of Texas - Austin
319. Owen Lind Baylor University
320. C. Randal Linder University of Texas - Austin
321. Thierry Lints Texas A&M University
322. Richard Lloyd Baylor College of Medicine
323. Jason Locklin Temple College
324. Leon Long University of Texas - Austin
325. Glenn Longley Texas State University
326. Floyd Lucia University of Texas - Austin
327. John Luecke University of Texas - Austin
328. Ernest Lundelius, Jr. University of Texas - Austin
329. daniel lupton University of Texas San Antonio
330. William Mackay University of Texas El Paso
331. Kevin MacKenzie Rice University
332. Eric Madrid Texas Institute of Oceanography - Texas A&M University - Galveston
333. Keith Maggert Texas A&M University
334. Lisa Mais Hospice Austin
335. John Mallick University of Texas - Austin
336. James Manhart Texas A&M University
337. Edward Marcotte University of Texas - Austin
338. Diana Marinez Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
339. Rebecca Markham University of Texas - Austin
340. Christopher Marshall Texas A&M University
341. Regina Marshall St. Luke's Episcopal School
342. Floyd Martin St. Edwards University
343. Peggy Mason Brookhaven College
344. Mariana Mateos Texas A&M University
345. Luis Materon University of Texas - Pan American
346. Kathleen Matthews Rice University
347. Mikhail Matz University of Texas - Austin
348. Terry Maxwell Angelo State University
349. Stephen Mcadam University of Texas - Austin
350. Earle McBride University of Texas - Austin
351. Blinda McClelland University of Texas - Austin
352. Cherie McCollough Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
353. Jason McConville University of Texas - Austin
354. Harold McCutchen Kilgore College
355. John McDonald The University of Texas - Pan American
356. Christine McFarland TAMHSC
357. Mark McGinley Texas Tech University
358. Kirk McIntosh University of Texas - Austin
359. Nancy McIntyre Texas Tech University
360. Joel McKinney Del Mar College
361. Thomas McKnight Texas A&M University
362. Steven McKnight UT Southwestern Medical Center
363. C. McMurry University of Texas - Austin
364. Floyd Melbye Texas State University - San Marcos
365. Maeli Melotto University of Texas - Arlington
366. Cheryl Metz Blinn College
367. Lauren Meyers University of Texas - Austin
368. S. Mihic University of Texas - Austin
369. Risto Miikkulainen University of Texas - Austin
370. Dennis Miller University of Texas - Dallas
371. Kiley Miller Schreiner University
372. Nathan Miller University of Texas - Austin
373. Brent Miller (Omitted at signer's request)
374. Carolyn Miller Houston Community College System
375. Kitty Milliken Bureau of Economic Geology
376. Jayadev Misra University of Texas - Austin
377. Paul Montagna Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
378. Georgianne Moore Texas A&M University
379. J Moore University of Texas - Austin
380. Lisa Morano University of Houston - Downtown
381. William Morgan University of Texas Health Science Center
382. Jennifer Morgan University of Texas - Austin
383. Jessica Morgan University of Texas - Austin
384. Becky Morlier University of Houston - Clear Lake
385. Penny Morris Smith University of Houston - Downtown
386. David Morton University of Texas - Austin
387. Andrew Mosedale Texas Tech University
388. Sharon Mosher University of Texas - Austin
389. Ulrich Mueller University of Texas - Austin
390. Paul Murray University of Texas - Austin
391. Emilio Mutis-Duplat University of Texas - Permian Basin
392. Thomas Naehr Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
393. Lisa Nagaoka University of North Texas
394. Sang-Chul Nam Baylor University
395. Hossein Namazi University of Texas - Austin
396. Alan Needleman University of North Texas
397. Chris Nice Texas State University - San Marcos
398. Emily Niemeyer Southwestern University
399. Edward Nikonowicz Rice University
400. Ronald Nordgren Rice University
401. Gerald North Texas A&M University
402. Gordon Novak University of Texas - Austin
403. Roy Olson University of Texas - Austin
404. Thomas Olszewski Texas A&M University
405. Marcia O'Malley Rice University
406. Hiroshi Ono Texas A&M University
407. William Orr Southern Methodist University
408. Bernard Ortiz de Montellano Ortiz de Montellano Wayne State University
409. Clair Ossian Tarrant County College
410. Mark Ouimette Hardin-Simmons University
411. Donald Owen Lamar University
412. Pamela Owen University of Texas - Austin
413. Jose Panero University of Texas - Austin
414. Stephanie Pangas Baylor College of Medicine
415. Vlad Panin Texas A&M University
416. Harry Parker Texas Tech University
417. Ronald Parry Rice University
418. Sophia Passy University of Texas - Arlington
419. Rahul Patel Univesity of North Texas Health Science Center
420. Yale Patt University of Texas - Austin
421. C. Patterson Texas A&M University
422. Jim Patton Baylor University
423. Donald Paul University of Texas - Austin
424. Terry Pavlis University of Texas - El Paso
425. Alan Pepper Texas A&M University
426. Brian Perkins Texas A&M University
427. Irene Perry University of Texas of the Permian Basin
428. Gad Perry Texas Tech University
429. Maria Person University of Texas - Austin
430. Tarla Peterson Texas A&M University
431. Russell Pfau Tarleton State University
432. Carleton Phillips Texas Tech University
433. Benjamin Pierce Southwestern University
434. William Pizzi Northeastern Illinois University
435. John Placyk University of Texas - Tyler
436. Michael Polymenis Texas A&M University
437. Robert Popp Texas A&M University
438. Diane Post University of Texas-Permian Basin
439. Mary Poteet University of Texas - Austin
440. Morton Prager UT Southwestern Medical Center
441. Sara Pratt University of Texas - Austin
442. Bobby Presley Texas A&M University
443. Bob Price Texas State University
444. Ellen Pritham University of Texas - Arlington
445. Anne-Marie Prouty Sam Houston State University
446. Suzanne Pundt University of Texas - Tyler
447. David Queller Rice University
448. Terrence Quinn University of Texas - Austin
449. William Quinn St. Edward's University
450. Amelie Ramirez University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
451. Reynaldo Ramirez University of Texas - Brownsville
452. Christopher Randle Sam Houston State University
453. Rama Ranganathan UT Southwestern Medical Center
454. Anne Raymond Texas A&M University
455. Michael Rea University of Houston
456. Denne Reed University of Texas - Austin
457. Megan Reese Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
458. Alan Reid University of Texas - Austin
459. David Ribble Trinity University
460. Sean Rice Texas Tech University
461. Joanne Richards University of Texas - Austin
462. Rebecca Richards-Kortum Rice University
463. Arlan Richardson University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
464. Richard Richardson University of Texas - Austin
465. Bruce Riley Texas A&M University
466. Magnus Rittby Texas Christian University
467. TR Robertson Texas Tech University
468. Jon Robertus University of Texas - Austin
469. Alexander Robinson University of Houston
470. Christopher Rock Texas Tech University
471. Altha Rodin University of Texas - Austin
472. Jorge Rodrigues University of Texas - Arlington
473. William Rogers Texas A&M University
474. D Rohr Sul Ross University
475. Gregg Roman University of Houston
476. Rosemarie Rosell University of St. Thomas
477. Gil Rosenthal Texas A&M University
478. Matthew Rowe Sam Houston State University
479. Larry Ruben Southern Methodist University
480. Jennifer Rudgers Rice University
481. Volker Rudolf Rice University
482. Stephen Ruppel University of Texas - Austin
483. Robert Rutford University of Texas - Dallas
484. Brian Rutledge University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston
485. Lorenzo Sadun University of Texas - Austin
486. Christopher Salice Texas Tech University
487. Tzachi Samocha Texas A&M University
488. Lory Santiago-Vazquez University of Houston - Clear Lake
489. Sahotra Sarkar University of Texas - Austin
490. Amy Sater University of Houston
491. Sara Sawyer University of Texas - Austin
492. Randall Scalise Southern Methodist University
493. Isaiah Schauer University of St. Thomas (Houston)
494. Arnold Schecter University of Texas - Dallas
495. Lynnette Schillo Odessa College
496. Ingo Schlupp University of Texas - Austin
497. Kenneth Schmidt Texas Tech University
498. Richard Schofield McMurry University
499. Peter Schulze Austin College
500. Anja Schulze Texas A&M University at Galveston
501. Benjamin Schwartz Texas State University - San Marcos
502. Marc Schwartz University of Texas - Arlington
503. Dylan Schwilk Texas Tech University
504. Susan Scott Coalition for Support of Public Schools
505. Michael Scott University of Texas - Austin
506. John Seaman Baylor University
507. Leah Seewald HISD
508. Henry Segerman University of Texas - Austin
509. Laura Serpa University of Texas - El Paso
510. Brian Shafer Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District
511. Yousif Shamoo Rice University
512. Martin Shankland University of Texas - Austin
513. Liza Shapiro University of Texas - Austin
514. Ruth Shear University of Texas - Austin
515. Desserae Shepston Texas State University - San Marcos
516. James Shinkle Trinity University
517. John Sieben Texas Lutheran University
518. Deborah Siegele Texas A&M University
519. Jim Silliman Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
520. Beryl Simpson University of Texas - Austin
521. michael singer university of texas at austin
522. Gerald Skoog Texas Tech University
523. Michel Slotman Texas A&M University
524. JP Slovak Texas A&M University
525. Jay Smallwood Amarillo College
526. Walter Smith Texas Tech University
527. Martha Smith University of Texas - Austin
528. David Smith San Antonio College (Retired)
529. Gary Smith Tarrant County College
530. William Snell University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
531. Tamler Sommers University of Houston
532. Mark Sonntag Angelo State University
533. Larry Spears University of Houston - Downtown
534. Kate Spradley Texas State University - San Marcos
535. Kevin Stafford Stephen F. Austin State University
536. Dave Stein University of Texas - Austin
537. Robert Stern University of Texas - Dallas
538. Peter Stone University of Texas - Austin
539. Paul Straight Texas A&M University
540. Joan Strassmann Rice University
541. Richard Strauss Texas Tech University
542. Devika Subramanian Rice University
543. Harvey Sussman University of Texas - Austin
544. Manjunath Swamy Texas Tech University Health Science Center
545. James Swan University of North Texas
546. Alan Swinkels St. Edward's University
547. Paul Szaniszlo University of Texas - Austin
548. Susan Talkmitt Texas Tech University
549. Tony Tallbert Baylor University
550. Suzette Tardif University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
551. John Tate University of Texas - Austin
552. Daniel Taub Southwestern University
553. Tina Taub-Montemayor University of Texas - Austin
554. Frederick Taylor University of Texas - Austin
555. Renard Thomas Texas Southern University
556. Carol Thompson Tarleton State University
557. Gaylord Throckmorton UT Southwestern Medical Center
558. Mike Tice Texas A&M University
559. Philippe Tissot Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
560. Michael Tobler Texas A&M University
561. Angelina Traner University of Texas - Austin
562. Donald Tuff Texas State University (Retired)
563. john ubelaker Southern Methodist University
564. Jonathan Uhr UT Southwestern Medical Center
565. Roger Unger UT Southwestern Medical Center
566. Garland Upchurch Texas State University - San Marcos
567. Adam Urbach Trinity University
568. Aaron Urbanczyk Texas Tech University
569. James Uzman University of Houston - Downtown
570. Patrice Vaeth University of Texas - Austin
571. Ambro van Hoof University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston
572. Roberto Vega Southern Methodist University
573. Machteld Verzijden Texas A&M University - College Station
574. James Vick University of Texas - Austin
575. Steven Vik Southern Methodist University
576. Tracy Villareal University of Texas - Austin
577. Victor Vines University of Texas Southwestern Health Science Center - Dallas
578. Elizabeth Vise Tarrant County College
579. Christopher Vitek The University of Texas - Pan American
580. Darrell Vodopich Baylor University
581. Pia Vogel Southern Methodist University
582. Steven Vokes University of Texas - Austin
583. Jose Voloch University of Texas - Austin
584. Kim Waddell Texas A&M University
585. James Waddle Southern Methodist University
586. Mariah Wade University of Texas - Austin
587. Bridget Wade Texas A&M University
588. Lillian Waldbeser Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
589. William Waller University of North Texas
590. John Wallingford University of Texas - Austin
591. Kendra Wallis University of Texas - Arlington
592. Rueben Walter Tarleton State University
593. Ruhung Wang University of Texas - Dallas
594. Rocky Ward West Texas A&M University
595. R. Bruce Weisman Rice University
596. Robert Weiss Texas A&M University
597. Jason West Texas A&M University
598. Julie Westerlund Texas State University - San Marcos
599. James Westgate Lamar University
600. Kenneth Whitney Rice University
601. Diane Wiernasz University of Houston
602. Larrry Wilding Texas A&M University
603. Ronald Wilhelm Texas Tech University
604. Claus Wilke University of Texas - Austin
605. Russell Wilke Angelo State University
606. Hugh Wilson Texas A&M University - College Station
607. Samuel Wilson University of Texas - Austin
608. David Wiltschko Texas A&M University
609. Kirk Winemiller Texas A&M University
610. Leslie Winemiller Texas A&M University
611. Arne Winguth University of Texas - Austin
612. Carol Wise University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
613. John Wise Southern Methodist University
614. Emmett Witchel University of Texas - Austin
615. Richard Wood MD Anderson Cancer Center
616. Judy Wood Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
617. James Woolley Texas A&M University
618. Lori Wright Texas A&M University
619. Robert Wright West Texas A&M University
620. Whitney Yin University of Texas - Austin
621. David Young Baylor University
622. Michelle Zamarron Massa South Texas College
623. Richard Zaner Vanderbilt University Medical Center
624. Roger Zarnowski Angelo State University
625. Stephen Ziser Austin Community College
626. David Zuckerman University of Texas - Austin
627. Rebecca Zufall University of Houston
Other Texas Scientists — 805 signers
628. Aimee Beveridge Association of Mexican Cave Studies
629. William & Myra Wharton Music Teacher
630. Paul Abell NASA Johnson Space Center
631. Gary Acton None
632. Melissa Adair Freelance teacher
633. Sandra Adams Geo Society of American
634. Deepa Agashe University of Texas - Austin
635. Galina Aglyamova University of Texas - Austin
636. Marco Agostoni University of Texas Marine Science Institute
637. Jason Albers Primary Care Associates
638. James Aldridge Fort Worth Country Day
639. Shaun Alimbini Henley Johnston and Associates
640. Gail Allard Temple College
641. Matthew Allen University of Texas - Austin
642. Kambra Allen GSA
643. Margaret Allen Texas Railroad Commission (Retired)
644. Karen Alofs University of Texas - Austin
645. Mohan Ambikaipaker University of Texas - Austin
646. Lara Appleby University of Houston
647. Robert Apthorpe St. Edward's University
648. Rodolfo Aramayo Texas A&M University
649. German Arellano URS Corporation
650. Amy Arellano None
651. Kenneth Arnold TAMEST, Society of Petroleum Engineers
652. Marilyn Austin Retired
653. Miguel Aviles Rosario U.S. Army
654. Danielle Bailey Environmental Consulting
655. Ronald Bain ConRon Consulting, Inc.
656. Laura Baird SWCA Environmental Consultants
657. Elke Baitis University of Texas - Austin
658. Morgan Baker Texas Tech University
659. Hannah Rose Baker University of Texas - Austin
660. Robyn Baldridge Baylor University
661. Lorraine Baline EOG Resources, Inc.
662. Mary Baltzer Retired
663. Manoj Banjara Texas Tech University
664. Paul Barbara University of Texas - Austin
665. Thomas Barber Schlumberger
666. David Barker Freelance Textbook Editor
667. Robert Barnhill Aurora Oil and Gas, Inc
668. Christine Barrantes Teacher Mendenhall Elementary Plano Texas
669. Douglas Barrett University of Texas - Austin
670. Stephen Barrett Golden Gate Petroleum
671. Leanne Barron Texas A&M University
672. Matthew Barron Cirrus Associates
673. Jennifer Barth University of Houston
674. David Bartley Texas Instruments
675. Lance Barton Austin College
676. Anna Battenhouse University of Texas - Austin
677. Alexander Baugh University of Texas - Austin
678. Shannon Beck Laredo Independent School District
679. David Behrman Amigos Energy Advisors, LLC
680. Chawki Belhadi University of Texas - Arlington
681. Paul Bellah Junior College
682. Jerome Bellian University of Texas - Austin
683. James Bene R.W Harden & Associates
684. S. Christian Benker University of Texas - El Paso
685. Edward Bentley Retired: Texaco Chemical Co.
686. Charles Berg ResDip Systems
687. Sarah Bergman Del Valle High School
688. Ximena Bernal Texas Tech University
689. John Berry John Berry Associates
690. Paul Betka University of Texas - Austin
691. Natalia Biani University of Texas - Austin
692. Lori Biederman Texas A&M University
693. Melissa Biggs Coupal Texas State University/University of Texas - Austin
694. Robert Blackmur Mariner Energy
695. Vernon Bleeker Houston Independent School District
696. Patricia Bobeck Retired
697. Aaron Bodor University of Texas - El Paso
698. Carol Boethel University of Houston-Downtown
699. Kevin Bohacs ExxonMobil
700. Kirsten Bohn Texas A&M University
701. Paul Boldt Retired
702. Kara Boltz Texas A&M University
703. Joniell Borges Chevron Corporation
704. William Bosworth Apache Corporation
705. Michael Bourda None
706. Stephen Bowden Texas A&M University
707. Terrence Boyle Texas A&M University
708. Lisa Bradley Texas Tech University
709. Carol Brady Eastman Chemical Corp.
710. Gary Brannon Texas Aspen Resources, Ltd
711. Marilyn Brien Retired
712. Tom Brien Retired
713. Mark Brinkman University of Texas - Austin
714. David Bristol Formerly with Exxon Co., USA
715. Deirdre Brixey Shell
716. James Bronstad Essilor
717. Rachel Brown University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston
718. Jeremy Brown University of Texas - Austin
719. Rachel Brown University of North Texas
720. Christina Bryant University of Texas - Austin
721. Donald Bryce Front Range CC Ft. Collins, CO
722. Trevor Budge URS Corporation
723. Thomas Buerkert Repsol YPF USA
724. Alex Bump BP
725. Rachael Burke None
726. Benjamin Burke ExxonMobil Development Company
727. William Burnett University of Texas - Austin
728. Frederick Busche IBM and Brookhaven College
729. John Byrd Hess Corporation
730. Phil Caggiano St. Pius X High School
731. Jorge Calvache Shell
732. Michael Campbell M. D. Campbell and Associates, L.P.
733. Timothy Campbell Sam Houston State University
734. Mary Canino URS Corporation
735. Simone Cappellari University of Texas - Austin
736. Roxana Capper University of Texas - Austin
737. Cynthia Carlson Enid Literacy Council
738. Carole Carpenter SWCA
739. Deborah Carr Texas Tech University
740. Brooke Carson Chevron
741. Ginny Catania University of Texas - Austin
742. Jeremy Caves Rice University
743. Scott Chamberlain Rice University
744. Kuldeep Chaudhary University of Texas - Austin
745. Michael Chavez SWCA
746. Jian Chen Texas Tech University
747. James Cherry University of Texas of the Permian Basin
748. Eun Jeong Cho The Texas Institute for Drug and Diagnostic Development
749. Juanita Choo University of Texas - Austin
750. rich christensen University of Texas - Austin
751. Kerin Claeson University of Texas - Austin
752. Courtney Clamons SWCA Environmental Consultants
753. Michael Clanahan Lamar University
754. Barrett Clark TRC Environmental Corp.
755. Tom Clayton Texas Bar Association
756. Sigrid Clift University of Texas - Austin
757. Michael Cochran Retired
758. David Coffman Baylor University
759. Marey Cohen University of Houston - Downtown
760. Jason Cohen NVIDIA
761. Gopal Coimbatore Texas Tech University
762. Matthew Colbert University of Texas - Austin
763. Toby Collins St. Edward's University
764. Aubrey Colvin Texas A&M University
765. Raymond Conrow Alcon Laboratories
766. Tamara Cook Sam Houston State Unviersity
767. Colt Cook Mission Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve
768. Brian Cooper Sam Houston State University
769. Simon Cope None
770. John Corless Verity Instruments, Inc.
771. Sean Couch University of Texas - Austin
772. Priscilla Coulter American Public University System
773. Brent Couzens-Schultz Shell Oil Co.
774. William Covington Retired - Lockheed Martin
775. Larry Cowan Federal Government
776. Merry Cox Retired
777. Jonathan Cox University of Texas - Austin
778. Natascha Cox FISD
779. Kerri Crawford Rice University
780. Gerald Creager Associate Research Specialist
781. Marc Croes Petroleum Geophysicist
782. Paula Crook University of Texas - Austin
783. Laura Crothers University of Texas - Austin
784. Susan Cullinan SAISD
785. James Cunliffe GSA, Dallas Geological Society
786. Paul Cunningham Amigos Energy Advisors, L.L.C.
787. Ellen Currano Southern Methodist University
788. D Dale Elm Street School
789. Larry Damron Geological Society of America
790. Daniel Danehy Southern Methodist University
791. Sarah Davidson University of Texas - Austin
792. Barry Davis Dell Inc.
793. Kimberly Davis Freese and Nichols
794. Andrew Davitt Rice University
795. Erik Day University of Texas - El Paso
796. Rozmin Daya Southern Methodist University
797. Steven De Vito Texas American Resources Asia
798. Lee Ann Dean Frenship ISD
799. Oak DeBerg Texas A&M University
800. Sherrie DeBord University of Texas Marine Science Institute
801. Casey Deen University of Texas - Austin
802. John DeLaughter Murphy Oil Corp
803. Rodger Denison University of Texas - Dallas
804. Cheryl Desforges Sabco Oiland Gas
805. Jimmy Diaz-Granados Baylor University
806. LaCretia Dickerson (Omitted at signer's request)
807. Aaron Dickey Texas A&M University
808. Thomas Dignes Chevron
809. Thomas Dill Consulting Geologist
810. Cynthia Dinwiddie Southwest Research Institute
811. Michael Dix Halliburton - Sperry Drilling Services
812. Richard Dolman Angelo State University
813. Juan Dominguez University of Texas - Austin
814. Miguel Dominguez University of Texas - El Paso
815. Barbara Dorf Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
816. Christopher Dorion Schlumberger
817. Jackie Doyle University of Texas - Austin
818. James Doyle Eni Petroleum
819. Elizabeth Dunn University of Texas - Austin
820. Sherry Dunn None
821. Travis Dunn JPMorgan
822. Bryan Dunn Lubbock High School
823. Sam Dunnam None
824. Richard DuPree Retired
825. Ernesto Duran Cobham MACOM
826. Erin Eastwood University of Texas - Austin
827. Mary Eberlein University of Texas - Austin
828. Matthew Eby Texas Tech University
829. Evan Economo University of Texas - Austin
830. Igor Effimoff E&P Consulting
831. Eric Ekdale University of Texas - Austin
832. Robert Elliott Retired
833. Quinn Emmering Texas Tech University
834. Richard Engelkemeir Schlumberger Information Solutions
835. Catherine Engelman The Nature Conservancy of Texas
836. Peter Enyeart University of Texas at Austin
837. Latimer Epps Epps and Associates
838. Katrin Erk University of Texas - Austin
839. Frank Ernst University of Texas - Austin
840. Patricia Estep University of Texas - Austin
841. Rachel Eustice High School Teacher
842. Cynthia Evans NASA
843. Megan Evans ConocoPhillips
844. Meredith Faber Southern Methodist University
845. Jessica Fallon BP
846. Judith Farrow Retired
847. Adam Ferguson Texas Tech University
848. Kurt Ferguson Southern Methodist University
849. Justin Filiberto Lunar and Planetary Institute
850. Jonathan Fogg Baylor College of Medicine
851. Jason Francis Chevron
852. Jerry Freeman South Texas College
853. Erik Friesen Univesity of Texas - Dallas
854. John Fronimos Texas Tech University
855. Trevon Fuller University of Texas - Austin
856. Craig Fulthorpe University of Texas - Austin
857. Justin Funk Devon Energy
858. Michelle Gadush University of Texas - Austin
859. Mary Galindo SWCA Environmental Consultants
860. Diana Gano Dawson High School
861. Amy Garbowicz Shell
862. Angela Garcia GSA
863. Christopher Garvie Texas Natural Science Center
864. Gerry Gebhard Utopia Independent School District
865. Mike Geehan Hewlett Packard
866. Laurie Geiger SEG
867. Joerg Geldmacher Texas A&M University
868. Eben Gering University of Texas - Austin
869. Lee Gibson Retired
870. Jim Gillespie Chevron
871. Hayley Gillespie University of Texas - Austin
872. Daniel Gilman University of Texas - Austin
873. Stefan Gilthorpe Lamar University
874. Terri Givens University of Texas - Austin
875. Jennifer Glidewell University of Texas - Austin
876. Lisa Gloyna Texas State Univeristy - San Marcos
877. William Gonzalez Harlingen CISD
878. Ana Gonzalez University of Texas - Austin
879. Matthew Goolsby University of Texas at San Antonio
880. Justin Gosses (Omitted at signer's request)
881. Chris Gotcher Baylor University
882. Connie Gough TGS Nopec
883. Elicia Grace Baylor College of Medicine
884. Gary Gray ExxonMobil Exploration Company
885. Sarah Gray St. Edward's University
886. Nick Green Baylor University
887. Elizabeth Green Musselman Southwestern University
888. Jack Green Musselman None
889. Charles Greenlaw Retired
890. Jennifer Greeson University of Texas - Austin
891. Keqin Gregg Viagen
892. Nancy Greig Houston Museum of Natural Science
893. Gerald Greiner ExxonMobil
894. Frederick Grinnell UT Southwestern Medical Center
895. Carlos Guarnizo University of Texas - Austin
896. Noel Guerra Dallas Independent School District
897. Mary Guisinger University of Texas - Austin
898. Sean Gulick University of Texas
899. Mike Gully-Santiago University of Texas - Austin
900. Sharon Gursky Texas A&M University
901. Jerome Guynn ExxonMobil
902. Mercedes Guzman El Paso Independent School District
903. Henning Hagan Katzenbach Partners
904. Donna Hamilton Texas Tech University
905. Mark Hamilton Texas Tech University
906. Rick Hammer Texas A&M University
907. Cheryl Hammons Dan Powell Int School
908. Seon Han Texas Tech University
909. William Harcombe University of Texas - Austin
910. Jonas Harrell Noble Energy Inc.
911. Jeremy Harrison University of Texas - Austin
912. Stephanie Hart Manor New Tech High School
913. Christian Hartnett SWCA
914. Ron Havner Steven F. Austin State University
915. Ron Havner SFASU
916. Jeanine Hawkes Utopia Independent School District
917. James Hawkins Schlumberger
918. Elizabeth Haynes Professional in Industry
919. Ashley Head AMPAS
920. Tiffany Heard Baylor College of Medicine
921. Amber Heard University of Texas - Austin
922. Ashley Heath Consultant
923. Shannon Hedtke University of Texas - Austin
924. Catherine Helm-Clark Task Geoscience
925. Mary Hemenway University of Texas at Austin
926. Tracey Henderson Kosmos Energy
927. Laura Hendrix TAMHSC
928. Carole Henry Southwest High School
929. Geoff Hensgen University of Texas - Austin
930. Kelly Hereid University of Texas - Austin
931. Robert Hickman Wabash Exploration, Inc.
932. Melissa Hicks ExxonMobil
933. Robert Hillery GSA
934. Naruki Hiranuma Texas A&M University
935. Diane Hodges Popps Freescale Semiconductor
936. Kurt Hoffacker Luminex Corporation
937. Walter Holland Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
938. Aaron Hollingsworth University of Texas - Austin
939. Tyla Holsomback Texas Tech University
940. Trudi Hoogenboom ExxonMobil
941. William Howard Tetra Tech, Inc.
942. Ashley Howe Southern Methodist University
943. Travis Howe Southern Methodist University
944. Billy Hoya University of Houston
945. Robert Huckabee Retired
946. Richard Hull Text and Academic Authors Association
947. Brian Hunt Barton Springs Conservation District
948. Michael Hunter Texas Tech University
949. Jacquelyn Hurry University of Houston
950. Amanda Husak Cameron University
951. Shawn Hutchins Rice University
952. Paul Hyder Eastwod High School
953. Brian Iken University of Houston
954. Patricia Illoldi-Rangel University of Texas - Austin
955. George Innis Retired
956. John Ivy Texas A&M University
957. James Jackson Tarrant County College
958. Jay Jackson ExxonMobil
959. Lorraine Jaimes High School Teacher
960. Inderpreet Jalli University of Houston
961. Sahar Jamalyaria University of Texas - Austin
962. Gregory James Natural Gas COmppany
963. Eric James University of Texas - Austin
964. Marina Jarvis Pottsboro Independent School District
965. Thierry Joffrain NI
966. Alan Johns Texas Health Care
967. Mike Johnson Spectracell Laboratories
968. Gary Johnson Southern Methodist University
969. Robert Johston BHPBilliton
970. Nathan Jones University of Texas - Austin
971. Dustin Jones Environmental Consulting Firm
972. James Jones SWCA Environmental Consultants
973. Alicia Kahn Chevron
974. Siuzanne Kairo ExxonMobil
975. Melanie Karsten None
976. David Katz Pioneer Natural Resources
977. Christian Kaufman Texas A&M University
978. Michael Keller Rice University
979. Eric Kelly University of Texas at Austin
980. W. Kent Consultant
981. Susan Kenzle ASLA
982. Bailey Kermath University of Texas - Austin
983. Sukant Khurana University of Texas - Austin
984. Karl Kibler Prewitt and Associates, Inc.
985. Walter Kiefer Lunar and Planetary Institute
986. Robert Kier Robert S. Kier Consulting
987. Robert Killian Lee, Hite & Wisda
988. Agnes Kim Georgia College & State University
989. Daniel KInkade CFBISD
990. David Kinney University of Texas - Austin
991. John Kipp Zia Engineering and Environmental Consultants
992. Paul Kirby Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc.
993. Barrett Klein University of Texas - Austin
994. George Klein SED-STRAT Geoscience Consultants, Inc
995. Andy Klein Anadarko Petroleum
996. Teri Kleine Dejean Academy Homeschool
997. Scott Kolodziej Texas A&M University
998. Alicia Komarek Teacher
999. Lanna Kopachena Bishop Lynch HS
1000. Ferenc Korompai S&W
1001. Delia Kothmann St. Edwards University
1002. Joseph Kowalski The International Baccalaureate Program at Lamar Academy
1003. Jeffrey Kraus ExxonMobil
1004. Kimberly Krause Hill Country Environmental/ University of Texas at Austin Graduate Student
1005. Dennis Kucinskas Kosmos Energy, LLC
1006. Gregory Kuhlmann 21st Century Technologies
1007. Joseph Kula ExxonMobil Exploration Company
1008. Shashi Kumar Texas Tech University
1009. Krushnamegh Kunte University of Texas - Austin
1010. Laura Kuri None
1011. Amy Kwiatkowski ConocoPhillips
1012. David Kyser Retired
1013. Frank Lacey Leander Independent School District
1014. Troy Ladine East Texas Baptist University
1015. Vic Lamanuzzi ExxonMobil
1016. Cathryn Lancaster Albemarle Corp
1017. Kelley Lang Shell
1018. Brennan Lang University of Texas - Austin
1019. Adam Langston Texas Tech University
1020. Wann Langston University of Texas - Austin
1021. Adam Lark University of Toledo
1022. Maria LaRota University of Texas - Austin
1023. Peter Larsen Texas Tech University
1024. Timothy Larson University of Texas - Austin
1025. Jesse Lasky University of Texas - Austin
1026. Brandi Lauger HISD
1027. Ken Lawrence Texas State University
1028. Lawrence Lawver University of Texas - Austin
1029. Sunil Laxman UT Southwestern Medical Center
1030. Amanda Lea University of Texas - Austin
1031. Daniel Leavitt Texas A&M University
1032. Dana Lee Angelo State University
1033. Michelle Lee Contra Costa Health Services
1034. Robert Lee GSI Environmental Inc.
1035. William Leggett University of Texas - Austin
1036. Vince Leibowitz Texas Progressive Alliance
1037. Amanda Leland University of Texas - Austin
1038. Paul Lenhart Texas A&M University
1039. R. R. Leon Private
1040. Julio Leva University of Texas - Austin
1041. Jamie Levine University of Texas - Austin
1042. Abby Lewis University of Texas - Austin
1043. Ryan Lewis Sam Houston State University
1044. Zhihua Liang Southern Methodist University
1045. Leslie Lilly University of Texas - Austin
1046. Kourtnee Lindgren Texas A&M University
1047. Christopher Lindner University of Texas - Austin
1048. Cynthia Linnenkohl Tenaris Coiled Tubes
1049. George Livingston University of Texas - Austin
1050. Larry Lloyd Texas A&M University
1051. Shayna Loebig Baylor College of Medicine
1052. Cynthia Londeore University of Texas - Austin
1053. Traci Long Bellaire High School
1054. Hongan Long University of Houston
1055. Shaun Longstreet University of Texas - Dallas
1056. Anna Loonam Bellaire High School
1057. Adam Lord Texas Tech University
1058. Margaret Lucero University of Texas - Austin
1059. Floyd Lucia University of Texas - Austin
1060. Aaron Ludeke Texas Parks & wildlife
1061. Ronald Luethe Xstrata Copper
1062. Douglas Lynne University of Texas - El Paso
1063. TK Lyon None
1064. Martine Maan University of Texas - Austin
1065. Kenneth MacLeish University of Texas - Austin
1066. Kemp Maer American Physical Society
1067. Jacqueline Maffucci University of Texas - Austin
1068. Tara Maginnis St. Edward's University
1069. Kevin Maher Shell Oil
1070. Brian Mahon University of Houston
1071. Derek Main University of Texas - Austin
1072. Kumar Mainali University of Texas - Austin
1073. Jesse Maish Texas Resident
1074. Jacob Malcom University of Texas - Austin
1075. Jesus Maldonado University of Texas - Austin
1076. Paul Mann University of Texas - Austin
1077. Lori Manship University of Texas - Permian Basin
1078. Paul Marceaux University of Texas - Austin
1079. Patricia Marquez Texas Tech University
1080. Minnette Marr Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
1081. David Marsh TERRACON
1082. John Mason DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1083. Rene Massengale None
1084. Jeffrey Matthews ExxonMobil Exploration Company
1085. M. Maxson Mestena Uranium LLC
1086. Fay Mayer Texas Tech University
1087. Ann Mayo University of Texas - Arlington
1088. Rex McAliley Del Mar College
1089. Cynthia McAlister Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute
1090. Michael McAndrew University of Texas at Austin
1091. David McBride Retired
1092. Leigh McCourt The Sugar & Spice Ranch
1093. Zaneta McCoy Texas Tech University
1094. Jeff McDaniel Daffer McDaniel LLP
1095. Steve McDaniel McDaniel& Associates, P.C.
1096. Joshua McDill University of Texas - Austin
1097. William McDoniel University of Texas - Austin
1098. Sean McFarland Utopia Independent School District
1099. Craig McFarland US Army / CHPPM
1100. Brandon McKethan University of Texas at Dallas
1101. Kevin McMahan Rapoport Academy
1102. Patrick McMahon ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
1103. Emily Jane McTavish University of Texas - Austin
1104. Catherine Meaney None
1105. Angelica Medrano None
1106. Martin Medulan Nvidia Corp
1107. Heather Meeks Texas Tech University
1108. Katrina Menard Texas A&M University
1109. Flemming Mengel Southwestern Energy Company
1110. Anne Merchant Baylor/McLennan College
1111. Robert Merrill Catheart Energy, Inc.
1112. Nicholas Meyer Abilene Christian University Alumni
1113. Marla Meyer J. L. Hahn Consulting
1114. John Miertschin ExxonMobil Development Company
1115. Elizabeth Milano University of Texas - Austin
1116. Eric Miller University of Texas - Austin
1117. Samuel Miller Texas State University
1118. Alex Miller Mustang Engineering
1119. Timothy Miller BP
1120. Hallie Mintz Baylor University
1121. Jennifer Mirrielees University of Texas - Austin
1122. Christopher Modica Pioneer Natural Resources
1123. John Molina McLennan Community College
1124. Rae Mooney University of Texas - Austin
1125. Zachary Moore Tiba Oncology, LP
1126. Jason Moore Texas A&M University
1127. Stephanie Moore University of Texas - Austin
1128. Christopher Moreno University of Texas - Austin
1129. Lisa Moretti ERM
1130. Jace Morris Comstock Resources
1131. John Morrison Houston Community College
1132. Ginnie Morrison University of Texas - Austin
1133. Angela Moss Texas Tech University
1134. Suzanne Mounsey Ostos University of Texas - Brownsville
1135. Richard Muenich Comal Independent School District
1136. Andrew Munoz Texas A&M University
1137. Olivia Munzer SWCA Environmental Consultants
1138. Jeremy Murphy University of Texas - Austin
1139. Lauren Murphy University of North Texas
1140. Lyndon Murray University of Texas - Austin
1141. Kimberly Myers University of Texas - Austin
1142. Hossein Namazi University of Texas - Austin
1143. Anna Navarro Mission CISD
1144. Anna Navarro Veterans Memorial High School
1145. L Nelson University of Texas - Dallas
1146. Rachel Neuenhoff Texas A&M University
1147. William Neumann Rockwell Collins
1148. Jean-Philippe Nicot University of Texas - Austin
1149. Christina Nielsen-Lowe SWCA Environmental Consultants
1150. Jan Nilsson South Texas College
1151. Deborah Nixon Southern Methodist University
1152. Jim Norman National Instruments
1153. Reza Norouzi Apptricity Inc
1154. Dan Northcut St. Mark's School of Texas
1155. Ian Norton University of Texas - Austin
1156. John Nowinski University of Texas - Austin
1157. Jeffrey Oalmann Texas Tech University
1158. Amber OConnor University of Texas - Austin
1159. Kathleen O'Connor Travis County Natural Resources
1160. Alfredo Ojanguren University of Texas - Austin
1161. Fredrick O'Keefe Advanced Industrial Technologies
1162. Hilary Olson University of Texas - Austin
1163. Christopher Omelon University of Texas - Austin
1164. Scott Opdyke Devon Energy
1165. Jeff Oslund Anadarko
1166. Margaret Ott Tyler Junior College
1167. Cory Overby Texas State University - San Marcos
1168. Mary Owens MD Anderson Cancer Center
1169. angela ozburn University of Texas - Austin
1170. Rachel Page University of Texas - Austin
1171. Michael Panasci Texas Tech University
1172. Christine Parent University of Texas - Austin
1173. William Parker RISD
1174. Maria Parks Texas A&M University
1175. James Parr Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
1176. Tony Pastel MHMRA of Harris County Texas
1177. Noel Patterson Houston Independent School District
1178. Katrina Patterson GSA
1179. Paul Pause University of Texas of the Permian Basin
1180. Shelley Payne University of Texas - Austin
1181. Thomas Peacock None
1182. Sondra Peart None
1183. Frances Peavey Texas Tech University
1184. Jamey Pelfrey University of Texas - Austin
1185. Jean Philippe Pellois Texas A&M University
1186. Catharine Perry University of Houston
1187. Thomas Pettit Baylor University
1188. Sujal Phadke University of Houston
1189. Dereth Phillips Rice University
1190. Caleb Phillips Purdue University
1191. J. Pickard Physician
1192. Justin Pierson Petroleum Industry
1193. Miguel Pinto Texas Tech University
1194. Beth Plummer North East Independent School District
1195. Michael Plunkett University of Texas - Austin
1196. Damon Polioudakis University of Texas - Austin
1197. Shane Pope University of Texas - Austin
1198. Christopher Potter Medical University of SC
1199. Cameron Pratt University of Texas at Austin/Marine Science Institute
1200. Joel Prellwitz Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.
1201. michelle Puig Ball High School
1202. Carolyn Pyeatt Schreiner University
1203. Ben Qin Texas Tech University
1204. Rob Quarles University of Texas - Austin
1205. Dena Quigley Baylor University
1206. Michael Quinn Hess Corporation
1207. Travis Quintanilla University of Texas - Austin
1208. Henry Rachford, Jr. Advantica
1209. Susan Rachlin University of Houston Law Center
1210. Cecilia Ramirez University of Houston
1211. Elizabeth Ramsey University of Texas - Austin
1212. Mark Ranum NMDP
1213. Benjamin Rapstine University of Texas - Austin
1214. Jennifer Rapstine University of Texas - Austin
1215. Doug Rapstine Clarendon College
1216. Jessica Rasmussen University of Texas - Austin
1217. June Rasmussen Prosper High School
1218. James Rath United States Congress
1219. Harold Rathburn Tarleton State University
1220. Nick Ratterman Texas A&M University
1221. Mary Reagan University of Texas - Tyler
1222. Cory Redman Texas A&M University
1223. Judy Reeves Cirrus Associates
1224. Reuben Reyes University of Texas - Austin
1225. Herbert Richardson Texas Transportation Institute
1226. Wesley Riggs Chrysler Financial
1227. Brenda Riggs Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital
1228. Kevin Righter NASA
1229. Charles Rinehart Retired
1230. Suzanne Rittenberry Texas Education Agency
1231. Katherine Roach Texas A&M University
1232. Ron Rodenberg Skyymedia
1233. Jeri Rodgers University of Texas - Austin
1234. Charlie Rodriguez City of Arlington
1235. Sonia Rodriguez HISD
1236. Brian Roman McDonald Observatory
1237. Becky Roper Texas Tech University
1238. Johnathon Rose University of Texas - Austin
1239. Micheline Rotblut Retired
1240. Timothy Rowe University of Texas - Austin
1241. Clare Rowland (Omitted at signer's request)
1242. Elizabeth Ruck University of Texas - Austin
1243. Crystal Rushing Austin Independent School District
1244. Suzanne Russell Consultant
1245. William Russey University of Houston
1246. Daniel Saenz US Forest Service
1247. Patricia Salerno University of Texas - Austin
1248. Tamara Sanbower University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston
1249. Veronica Sanchez University of Houston
1250. Sylvia Sapsky None
1251. Amy Savage Rice University
1252. Meera Sawant Texas Tech University
1253. Samuel Scarpino University of Texas - Austin
1254. Gunnar Schade Texas A&M University
1255. Steven Schafersman CyberComputing Sciences
1256. Christopher Schalk Texas A&M University
1257. Rolfe Schmidt Self employed
1258. John Schulenberg Semi-retired
1259. Emily Schulze KUHF
1260. Arlo Schurle University of Texas - Austin
1261. Alexia Schuster None
1262. Herb Schwetman Sun Microsystems, Inc.
1263. Sunny Scobell Texas A&M University
1264. Gary Scott UNTHSC
1265. Robert Scott University of Texas - Austin
1266. Julie Sculley Sam Houston State University
1267. John Seitz Endeavour International Corp
1268. Valerie Sexton UTHSCSA
1269. John Sharp University of Texas - Austin
1270. John Sharry Amigos Energy Advisors
1271. Kristin Sheaffer Georgia State University
1272. Vikram Shende Texas A&M University
1273. karen Shepherd Plano SHS
1274. Thomas Shipley University of Texas - Austin
1275. Stephanie Shipp Lunar and Planetary Institute
1276. Sandra Shiring Petrochemical Industry
1277. Christina Shoemaker University of Texas - Austin
1278. Albert Shultz ConocoPhillips
1279. Christine Shupla Lunar and Planetary Institute
1280. Kyle Sigl None
1281. Michelle Simon Novartis Pharmaceuticals
1282. Zack Simpson University of Texas - Austin
1283. Steven Sinclair Matador Resources
1284. John Singleton University of Texas - Austin
1285. Donald Singleton Centurion Exploration
1286. Cindi Sirois Magnolia ISD
1287. Virginia Sisson University of Houston
1288. Jodi Skipper University of Texas - Austin
1289. Donald Slottke University of Texas - Austin
1290. Kevin Smart Southwest Research Institute
1291. Charles Smith Private Clay Mining Company
1292. Jonathan Smith NAU
1293. Chad Smith University of Texas - Austin
1294. Genevieve Smith University of Texas - Austin
1295. Bartram Smith University of Texas - Austin
1296. Chad Smith University of Texas - Austin
1297. Douglas Smith University of Texas - Austin
1298. Jennifer Smith-Engle Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
1299. Rebecca Smyth UT Austin Jackson School of Geosciences
1300. Cameron Snow Apache Corporation
1301. Lisa Snowberg University of Texas - Austin
1302. Richard Sohaney None
1303. Christopher Spore Tarleton State University
1304. Katherine Sposato GSA
1305. Kevin Spring University of Houston
1306. Rachael Springman University of Texas - Austin
1307. Logan Squiers Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
1308. Ann St. Clair Retired
1309. Nancy Stallings UT Southwestern Medical Center
1310. Laura Stanford University of Texas - Austin
1311. Blair Stanley University of Texas - Austin
1312. Montgomerie Steele Chevron
1313. Pamela Steele University of Texas - Austin
1314. Stacy Steele Leander Independent School District
1315. William Stefanov Independant Consultant
1316. Susan Stell USAF Regional Environmental Office
1317. Jason Stephens University of Texas - Austin
1318. Mark Stephenson Samson
1319. Paul Sternweis UT - Southwestern Medical Center
1320. Gwendolyn Stovall University of Texas - Austin
1321. Marvin Straus Colorado Coalition of Reason
1322. Jason Strickland Angelo State University
1323. Stavana Strutz Biodiversity and Biocultural Conservation Laboratory, University of Texas
1324. William Stutz University of Texas - Austin
1325. Travis Sullivan Collin County Community College
1326. Neil Summer INTECSEA, Inc.
1327. Cassy Summerlin Holy Cross Catholic Academy
1328. John Sumner Sumner Geophysics
1329. David Sun University of Texas - Austin
1330. Roberta Sund retired from WFISD & MWSU
1331. Kathleen Surpless Trinity University
1332. J.Andrew Swan Arborius Izlosst Project
1333. Michelle Swenson University of Texas - Austin
1334. David Swenson Sandalwood O&G
1335. Vicki Swier Texas Tech University
1336. Zoltan Sylvester Shell International E&P Inc.
1337. Jennifer Tang ConocoPhillips
1338. Ronald Taussig UT Southwestern Medical Center
1339. John Taylor University of Texas - Austin
1340. Frederick Taylor Jackson School Geosciences, UT Austin
1341. William Taylor Geologic Consultant
1342. Ben Taylor University of Texas - Austin
1343. Raymond Telfair II Retired
1344. Girish Tembe Texas Tech University
1345. Kevin Templer Applied Human Factors
1346. Monte Thies Sam Houston State University
1347. Ariel Thomann Mobile Health Testing, Inc.
1348. Patricia Thomason Cy-Fair Independent School District
1349. Janet Thornburg Consultant
1350. Robert Trecroce Bryn Mawr Hospital
1351. Toni Trees Nacogdoches Independent School District
1352. Thomas Tremblay University of Texas - Austin
1353. Robert Trentham University of Texas - Permian Basin
1354. Ramon Trevino University of Texas - Austin
1355. Leandro Trevino University of Texas - El Paso
1356. Nina Triche Hess Corp.
1357. Richard Turner AstraZeneca Retiree
1358. Steven Uecker DSHS
1359. Reed Ulvestad National Instruments
1360. Alexander Urquhart University of Texas - Austin
1361. Clifton Valley San Antonio College
1362. Andrew Vandegrift Intrexon Corp.
1363. Michael Vandewege Texas Tech University
1364. James Varner Retired Ordained Minister
1365. Mariana Vasconcellos University of Texas - Austin
1366. Wayne Versaw Texas A&M University
1367. Ross Vick University of Texas - Austin
1368. Gerardo Viera University of Houston
1369. Jeffrey Vincent University of Texas - Austin
1370. Nikki Vincent Texas Lutheran University
1371. Robert Volkmann None
1372. Vance Vorndam Formerly with Centers for Disease Control
1373. Peter Vrolijk ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
1374. Bryce Wagner University of Texas - Austin
1375. Valerie Waites Gilbert High School, Gilbert, SC
1376. Ples Walker Retired
1377. Thomas Wallace Roche
1378. Sarah Wallace University of Texas - Austin
1379. Chris Walton Hyperformix, Inc.
1380. Shi Wang University of Texas - Austin
1381. William Ward University of New Orleans (Retired)
1382. Ron Waszczak ConocoPhillips
1383. Barbara Waugh Homemaker
1384. Jeremy Weaver Texas Tech University
1385. Mary Weaver Texas Tech University
1386. Cindy Wedig University of Texas - Pan American
1387. Richard Weiland BP America Inc.
1388. Edmund Wermund Rockon Publishing
1389. Marissa Westerfield Texas Tech University
1390. Peter Westervelt KBR
1391. Kurt Weyland University of Texas - Austin
1392. Kemble White SWCA Environmental Consultants
1393. Lee White University of Texas - San Antonio
1394. Kristin White Escarpment Environmental
1395. William Widger University of Houston
1396. Jason Wiersema Harris County Medical Examiners Office
1397. Samuel Wiley Texas Tech University
1398. John Williams University of Texas Marine Science Institute
1399. David Williamson Pioneer Natural Resources
1400. Kevin Willingham DMP Creative Center
1401. Ray Willis Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
1402. Pamela Willis University of Texas - Austin
1403. Shiree Willson Rice University
1404. Adolphus Wilson University of Texas - Austin
1405. Paul Wilson Self employed
1406. Catherine Winfrey COA
1407. Cornelia Winguth University of Texas - Arlington
1408. Dale Winkler Southern Methodist University
1409. Alisa Winkler Southern Methodist University
1410. Roger Witmer Chevron Corp.
1411. Axel Wittmann Lunar and Planetary Institute
1412. June Wolfe Texas AgriLife Research
1413. Corinne Wong University of Texas - Austin
1414. Josh Woodall Sam Houston State University
1415. Charles Woodruff, Jr. Woodruff Geologic Consulting, Inc.
1416. Denton Woods University of North Texas
1417. John Woods University of Texas - Austin
1418. Richard Woodward CH2MHill Consultants
1419. Kathleen Wooldridge-Azhar Texas A&M University
1420. Virginia Worley Texas State University
1421. Shawn Wright University of Houston
1422. Jim Wussow Southern Methodist University
1423. Yu Xia University of Texas - Austin
1424. Zhixin Xie Texas Tech University
1425. Xuanhua Xie University Texas - Austin
1426. David Young University of Texas - San Antonio
1427. Louis Zachos University of Texas - Austin
1428. Maggie Zborowski Weatherford Laboratories, Inc.
1429. Laura Zebehazy Travis County Government
1430. Hongbin Zhan Texas A&M University
1431. Pierre Zippi, LLC & SMU-Geology
1432. Maorong Zou University of Texas - Austin